About The Foundation

The CORE Health Foundation was established as a research initiative in 2006 by leading experts in the fields of neuroplasticity and neuroimaging.

The Foundation’s research partners—Dr. Erin Bigler, Dr. Jim Misko, and Eric Makowski—came together through their work at CORE Health Care, a specialty residential treatment provider of post-acute brain injury rehabilitation and long-term care for people with brain injuries.

Dr. Bigler, an internationally respected leader in neuroimaging research and director of the Brigham Young University Brain Imaging and Behavior Laboratory, was CORE Health Care’s first clinical director (and a professor at the University of Texas) in the 1980s. When Dr. Bigler left UT to continue his research at Brigham Young University, Dr. Jim Misko and Eric Makowski were tapped to run the programs he founded and stay abreast of emerging trends in the field.

Several years ago, Dr. Misko and Dr. Bigler discussed promising new research in neuroplasticity, resulting in a new series of development initiatives that would further brain injury research. A later partnership with the Fulton Supercomputing Lab at BYU, which enables complex 3-D brain imaging analysis in minutes (rather than years), led to the development of The CORE Health Foundation.

Through our partnership with CORE Health Care, The CORE Health Foundation bridges academic research with real-world patient care in post-acute care facilities and fosters a seamless transition between research and patient care. As the first to combine cutting-edge neuroscience with the most modern clinical care, The CORE Health Foundation will be able to provide results faster than either can alone.

The Foundation seeks to:

  • Demonstrate how neuroplasticity can help the recovering brain create new neurons, regenerate pathways, and reconfigure neural networks.
  • Advance treatment interventions in a manner that emphasizes restorative functioning of the brain.
  • Share technical and treatment advances with other investigators with an emphasis on forming partnerships with stem cell researchers.
  • Make neuroplasticity concepts common knowledge in the United States.
  • Launch a ten-year national campaign to master neuroplasticity.
The CORE Health Foundation will bring together a complete educational curriculum under the brand Resilient Mind. This includes national forums, one-on-one instruction, multi-media dissemination of best practices and research findings, and cross-field collaboration. We will educate professionals, make neuroplasticity a household concept, help individuals and families to be better advocates for loved ones with brain injury, and offer hope that survivors of brain injury can improve their life situation over time.

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