Research Partner Organizations

CORE Health Care

CORE Health Care is a leading specialty residential treatment provider with four facilities providing post-acute brain injury rehabilitation; long-term care for people with brain injuries; long-term care for people with complex psychiatric disorders, autism or other special needs; and community re-entry services. Learn more ]

Imaging Research Center at University of Texas

The IRC uses MRI to study brain functions associated with training and performance, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, addiction and other biological processes. Researchers are also developing new functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and MRI techniques and procedures.Learn more ]

Brigham Young University Functional Neuroimaging Lab (FNI)

FNI’s mission is to expand the understanding of the human brain through neuroimaging techniques, leading to improved treatments for neuropsychological patients and contribution of knowledge to the science of the brain. Learn more ]

Fulton Supercomputing Laboratory at Brigham Young University

BYU supercomputers are benchmarked at approximately 12.5 teraflops (12.5 million floating-point operations per second). They are able to produce complex 3-D color images of the brain in minutes, a process that previously took years. Learn more ]

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