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Until recently, scientists believed brains were hard-wired and that therapies could only compensate for brain damage, not repair it. But new discoveries prove that the brain has a natural ability to redevelop far greater than previously believed.

By uncovering the treatment factors that support this ‘neuroplasticity’—the brain’s ability to change—and applying them to rehabilitative efforts, The CORE Health Foundation is poised to dramatically change the treatment of brain injuries.

Through clinical research trials, we will combine advanced neuroimaging technologies with real-time treatment protocols, enabling us to determine immediately if a therapy is working to redevelop an injured patient’s brain. That immediacy allows for more flexibility in treatment and real-time adjustments that result in faster patient recovery.  

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Harnessing the potential of neuroplasticity offers tremendous opportunity to treat not just brain injuries, but other brain conditions as well, including mental illness, substance abuse, dementia, and aging. By bringing brain-rewiring therapies out of the lab and directly to patients, our research can change the human condition.

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