How You Can Help

Our long-term goal is to receive federal grants from the National Institute of Health, Department of Defense, or Department of Veterans Affairs. In the meantime, we have an immediate need for private donors who can help us bridge the gap between the initiation of the research trials and the application for grant money.

The CORE Health Foundation’s research is a unique public-private enterprise seeking support from academic resources, federal grants, and private donations. Securing funding for initial clinical research trials will allow us to take the first critical step toward recovering and changing brain function in traumatic brain injuries.

Funding Opportunities

$2 million launches an initial research trial to explore neuroplasticity and translate research to clinical practice for an initial cohort of 20 patients over two years.

$5 million allows for a larger study and a control group, plus additional imaging to show long-term durability of our outcomes

$20 million facilitates longitudinal studies to refine treatment techniques, bringing better and faster treatments.

We strongly believe that full restoration of independent brain function is possible in our lifetime. We seek donors who have an interest in this research and can help us further advance scientifically based therapies that could change millions of lives.

All contributions to the CORE Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, are tax deductible. Donors will be kept apprised of project developments and will receive advance notice of research findings prior to publication. Donors will be invited to meet clinicians and investigators associated with the project and will be recognized for the philanthropy through the CORE Foundation Web site and publications.

For more information or to schedule a meeting, please contact:

Eric Makowski
CEO, CORE Healthcare
512-894-0801, ext 15

President, CORE Health Foundation
Past President, Brain Injury Association of Texas

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